Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Awakening Christ consciousness

Balder posted a FB IPS thread on this here. Cameron Freeman had an interesting comment, to which I replied:

I see Derrida's influence here too Cameron, by way of Caputo, in his critique of the metaphysics of presence. I find that sort of metaphysics rampant in kennilingus, in that we have direct and privileged access to the absolute via satori experience. Hence there is no ambiguous gap or absence of the kind you mention; it gets lost in the sort of Hegelian reconciliation one finds in that type of dialectics.

And unfortunately within that frame kennilingus, and certain forms of hierarchical complexity, have no other way to interpret what you speak of in terms other than green, often mean, relativism. Whereas other forms of complexity thinking, like Morin and Cilliars, and other forms of Christianity, like Keller and Caputo, can do so. But again at the expense of being reduced by the above limiting frame.

This post, and those following it on that page of a Ning IPS discussion, go into this in detail. As I noted in that discussion, perhaps a better, Caputoish term for this might be hier(an)archical complexity.

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