Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dance, dance, dance

"Dance, dance, dance. Words can never make up for what you do."

I like this song, the music, the voice, the composition. And yes, the lyrics, in that they point to a way of expressing beyond words in dance. As a dancer I know full well this pre-linguistic 'language' that is engrossed in and enacted via image schema. A very primal and sophisticated form of communication that speaks volumes. Following up on this notion of primal and sophisticated, click "read more" below the video.

In a nested hierarchy an assumption is that the so-called lower level like the body or emotions is transcended and included in the higher level of mind and spirit. And yet remember Wilber saying that to move on to a higher level only requires a certain degree of the lower level, not its highest degree. E.g., one doesn't need to develop the kinesthetic ability of a professional dancer to move into the next level, just a degree of proficiency.*

Which of course reminds me of this notion that the levels, or aggregates in Buddhist-speak, aren't so much transcended and included but are independent and autonomous suobjects or machines that continue to undergo their own development into higher levels. And that yes, they are modified by the overall assemblage (human form) to which they structurally couple, but are not subsumed by it.**

* See this post and a few following.
** See this post (and a few following) and this post.

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