Monday, March 2, 2015

Integral trans-partisanship

The Institute for Cultural Evolution blog has this article on a trans-partisan meeting as Esalen. I found it quite interesting that Ornstein, of the hyper conservative American Enterprise Institute, said this: "To say that we have asymmetric partisan polarization is not a partisan statement but a description of reality.” Phipps translates that to mean: " It’s mostly Republicans who are causing this mess." Of course others disagreed, seeing the rise of rabid conservative partisanship a reaction to the excesses of the liberal, countercultural, free speech movement. Yes, God forbid should we have free speech. I can see why that created such an uproar.

What wasn't discussed is that this is not an equal an opposite polarization, with some solution lying in the middle. It is a progressive v. regressive cultural shift, with the regressives wanting to go back to a feudal oligarchy and progressives wanting to maintain and develop the fragile democracy that superseded it. Yes, there are some liberals guilty of PC groupthink, but overall the progressive agenda is to move forward with our cultural evolution.

So yes, it's ok for them to make value judgments against the regressive worldview, since in many cases it is just plain wrong and backward, feeding the rich and fucking everyone else. There is no middle ground with that sort of view. And to criticize that as some sort of partisan view, as if it should somehow accommodate the regressives, as if that is somehow integral and above partisanship (aka transpartisan), is naive at best and complicit with the regressive power structure at worst. It seems that that is exactly the regressive strategy in manipulating so-called integral trans-partisans, to neuter the real progressive forces that are fighting and slowly defeating the regressive worldview. And unfortunately they are so blinded by their integral trans-partisanship ideology to even recognize they are being so manipulated.

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