Sunday, March 22, 2015

Senator Sanders on the regressive budget

From this week's Bernie Buzz. This is what the majority of duped Americans voted for. Still believe their lies? Still want them in office?

"The full Senate on Monday is set to take up a budget that will shape national priorities for the coming year. “Devastating,” is how Bernie summed up the Republicans’ proposal. They would throw millions of Americans off health insurance. Their budget would cut $4.3 trillion from programs like Medicare, food stamps and Medicaid. Education programs would be scaled back. Pell Grants for college students would be frozen. Wall Street regulations passed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis would be scaled back. What it doesn’t do may be even worse. It doesn’t address the 11 percent real unemployment rate in the United States. It doesn’t create any jobs. It doesn’t fix crumbling roads and bridges. It doesn’t make college more affordable. It doesn’t raise the minimum wage. Despite Republicans’ professed concerns about deficits, their plan would leave in place tax loopholes that let the wealthy and big corporations avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Bernie tried to make the budget better in committee, where he is the ranking member, but his amendments all fell on party-line votes. He will try again to improve the budget when the debate moves this week to the Senate floor."

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