Thursday, March 19, 2015

Regressive predictions wrong

As usual, but the facts don't penetrate their ideology or the wrong predictions they made therefrom on jobs, the stock market, deficits, healthcare etc. The President reams them in the following video, an excerpt below.

"The leader of the House Republicans -- a good friend of mine -- (laughter) – he captured his party’s economic theories by critiquing mine with a very simple question: Where are the jobs, he said. Where are the jobs? I’m sure there was a headline in The Plain Dealer or one of the papers -- Where Are the Jobs? Well, after 12 million new jobs, a stock market that has more than doubled, deficits that have been cut by two-thirds, health care inflation at the lowest rate in nearly 50 years, manufacturing coming back, auto industry coming back, clean energy doubled -- I’ve come not only to answer that question, but I want to return to the debate that is central to this country, and the alternative economic theory that’s presented by the other side."

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