Thursday, March 26, 2015

Corbett on a clash of integral ideas

Joe Corbett has a new Integral World article that is creating quite a stir given his conclusion of using ISIS to assassinate "key leaders of the global 1 percent." For example, see this heated FB discussion. A few of my comments from the latter are below.

Let's remember well that both the American and French revolutions were filled with justifiable violence against tyranny. Are we magically beyond that now? Can we really overcome global capitalistic oligarchy with peaceful reform? Just asking...

Remember Ken Wilber's essay "The war in Iraq" about justifiable violence. "There are second-tier reasons not to go to war. But there are also second-tier reasons to go to war." While I'm no tierant I'm just using Wilber as an example of a valid reason to use violence against injustice for those kennilinguists who cannot abide the idea. 

Back in my San Diego days of massage therapy and tai chi martial training I was immersed in the New Age milieu that if you just believed in something your thoughts could actually change reality. I saw how this belief system made lots of money for those promoting it while taking every last cent from those poor souls that believed them and wanted to be healthy, wealthy and wise too. If said dupe didn't achieve the results after spending their life savings well then it was their own damned fault. It's a very Republican worldview still in play to this day.

So I came up with an idea for a novel called Tai Chi Assassin, whereby a gifted martial artist so immersed in this milieu would go about assassinating the leaders of this prosperity movement for the good of all, leaving behind a written warning noting how said leaders created this reality for themselves. In the plotting it woke people up to the absurdity of such prosperity programming. I have yet to write the novel but it's still on the back burner.

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