Monday, June 15, 2015

Construct awareness

See Bonnitta's FB post on this.

Balder responded: What I've been calling onto-choreography, in the previous ITC paper and also in my new one, is a construct-aware exercise or activity (and a prepositional orientation both exemplifies and empowers onto-choreography). I agree with earlier comments that the difference between being aware of constructs and being construct-aware involves, at minimum, a shift from a nounal to a more verbal understanding - beginning to perceive the process of the content. But that alone doesn't appear to be sufficient. Construct-awareness involves a braiding, I believe, also of perspectival (pronounal), modal (adverbial), and relational (prepositional) awareness. It involves, in part, the capacity to drop into the pre-positional hiatus Latour describes -- to momentarily and creatively suspend investment or embedment in a particular mode of be/coming.

My response:

I also see it in Mark Edwards' work on using multiple lenses through which to approach any endeavor, while coordinating them via metatheoretical analysis. He thinks these various lenses are embedded in our biological heritage. Indeed they are as I noted in this post: they come from our interactive image schema and basic categories. I note that over-emphasizing one of these schemas or lenses leads to less than integral and ideological ontological positions. This is similar to Bruce's onto-choreography but goes below linguistic expression, although linguistic expression is embodied in these image schema and a legitimate extension of them.

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  1. Those most concerned with who or what is construct aware are too focused on the hierarchy lens as if it is the preeminent one. Mark Edwards calls this altitude sickness.


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