Thursday, June 11, 2015

Senator Sanders in kennilingus

This is in response to Marty in this FB IPS post:

I can speak kennilingus if I must Marty. Given that the US Constitution is a modern document I'd say our governance has been at this wave for some time. Granted it's regressing into feudalism via the corporate takeover of government. The latter, btw, is an accepted definition of modern fascism.

And I'd assert that the progressive movement in the US, of which Sanders is a part, is at least green in color-coding. The same kind of green that is the sort of socialism (democratic) in Scandinavia, an improvement over modern orange.

So no, Sanders is not playing into the hands of the tribalizers. That's the job of the pre-modern conservatives AND the modern capitalists, as their rhetorical framing makes quite clear and obvious. The progressives like Sanders and Warren still try to operate within the modern frame of capitalism, but with postmodern controls and adjustment. That they use government to enact this agenda is not by definition "state violence and terror to destroy individual liberty." There is nothing in their rhetorical framing or legislative action to implicate them is this paranoid delusion. One which, ironically, is part and parcel of the corporate capitalist framing of them and one you seem to eagerly accept.

Another thing. Sanders, Warren and the Congressional Progressive Caucus are not in the least guilty of "postmodernism's assault on Reason and promotion of Emotion as the standard of human dialogue." That in itself is a paranoid projection by the kennilinguists with their mean green meme bogeyman. The progressives are quite reasonable in thought, deed, and framing. Yes, emotion must b e included within that reasoning, as Lakoff has attested and with which the regressive Republicans have long learned in their own manipulative framing. But just because emotion is and must be included in progressive real reason is a far cry from some kennilingus projection that they hate reason.

And I agree with Wilber is his statement The War in Iraq. Government should be from the highest wave of development at the time, which today in the US is progressive green. This in fact acts as an attractor, drawing everyone else up to it much like the modern orange Constitution did when the country was still tribal. I know, that one is still a work in progress too, but still.

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