Friday, June 26, 2015

Supreme Corp upholds Obamacare

Yesterday the Supremes ruled 6-3 to uphold the subsidies in those States that didn't run their own exchange. The nominal reason two of the regressive justices jumped ship is that when taken in the context of the whole law there is no way that Congress intended to only provide subsidies in those States that set up their own exchange. Otherwise the entire intent of the law would fall apart. This is the precedent for how the Supreme Corp is supposed to handle word or phrase interpretation and fortunately they followed their time-honored precedent.

Thom Hartmann though thinks the real and unstated reason the two regressives came over is because Obamacare is a big boon for insurance companies, and those justices are big on big business. Hartmann, along with most progressives like Sanders, thinks we should have free healthcare for all as a right, like Medicare for all. Or at the very least a public option. If that sort of system were before the current Supremes we could rest assured it would be decimated.

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