Friday, June 19, 2015

Some dialog on the Encyclical

Continuing from this post, some dialog from the IPS FB post on the Encyclical:

Bruce: On a related critical note, there is certainly tension between the reality of the feudal, top-heavy church structure he heads and the kind of vision he articulates here. I wonder if he is calling (carefully) as much for revolution in the systemic architecture of the church as in the extra-ecclesial world. If not ....

Edwyrd: Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good here. He's on track in certain areas, not so much in others. That he is on track with some science is a hell of a lot better than the US Republicans.

Bruce: Oh, definitely - I appreciate the steps he is taking (and I recognize that,, as incomplete or imperfect as these steps may be, he is already running a risk by going even this much against the grain not only of external invested powers, but of internal ones as well).

Edwyrd: Which in this case is the good thing about the top-down hierarchical structure. The underling cardinals, bishops and priests have to abide by the Encyclical and implement it whether they want to or not. Glory be unto God/dess and its representative on earth, The Holy See.  

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