Saturday, June 20, 2015

The impact of the encyclical

See this article. Some excerpts:

"Leaders of the Catholic church in America took their 'marching orders' from the pope’s encyclical on Thursday, fanning out to Congress and the White House to push for action on climate change.
The high-level meetings offered a first glimpse of a vast and highly organised effort by the leadership of America’s nearly 80 million Catholics to turn the pope’s moral call for action into reality. [...] Representatives of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops said they would hold two briefings for members of Congress on Thursday and visit the White House on Friday to promote and explain the pope’s environmental message."

"The push for the pope’s climate message – as already defined by the US Conference on Catholic Bishops – includes support for three specific policy measures. These include the Environmental Protection Agency’s rules for new power plants, which are vigorously opposed by the fossil fuel industry and Republicans, the Green Climate Fund for developing countries, also opposed by Republicans, and an energy efficiency bill before Congress, which has bipartisan support."

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