Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ring of Fire on Sanders and Clinton

See the article here. Some excerpts:

"A groundswell of progressive support has now catapulted Sanders to 15% nationally, and new polls showing that he has a shot at beating Clinton in the primaries in New Hampshire."

"When she was a Senator, Hillary’s record is almost worse than what we’ve seen in the last few years. She voted to loosen the rules on warrantless cell phone wiretapping of American citizens; She voted to extend tax cuts on capital gains and stock dividends – tax breaks that benefit a small percentage of Americans, most of whom don’t need another tax break; And in 2002, she voted in favor of invading Iraq, although she does admit now that this was a mistake. In 2014 she told us that the TPP was beneficial to Americans, even though she opposed both CAFTA and NAFTA. Just this week, she finally said that TPP probably isn’t the best thing for American workers."

"And then there’s Bernie Sanders, the only candidate that I’ve seen in my lifetime that has the voting record and experience to back up everything that he says on the campaign trail. He was against the Iraq invasion, against the Patriot Act, against tax cuts for millionaires, he wants to repeal subsidies for big oil, he wants to make public college free for all Americans, he wants to protect consumers, he wants to close offshore tax haven loopholes – the list is endless with examples of areas where he has actually kept his promises, and that isn’t something that we should take lightly. How many times during any political discussion have you heard someone make a statement saying that all politicians are liars and that we can’t trust anyone? Don’t deny that you hear something to that effect on a near-constant basis.

"So today we have a candidate that throws that trope out the window. He has a multi-decade record to back up what he says on the campaign trail which is an asset that no other candidate that is currently running for president has going for them. Believe the hype – Bernie Sanders is the real deal."

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