Friday, October 9, 2015

Freeman on US gun violence and rampant individualism

See Cameron's FB post here:

"These horrific gun massacres in the USA are not a violent transgression of law and order but a symptom of deeper crisis in how the rule of law functions. The recent surge in gun violence is an indication that the inalienable personal freedoms in the very constitution of American society are not grounded in the ethical substance of a common social network of norms and customs that is needed for freedom to flourish. In other words, these isolated individual events are a mirror reflecting back the reality of a hostile, alienated and fragmented social environment. The traumatic exception to the rule of law is actually a manifestation of a schizoid split within it. On the one hand, ineradicable individual rights (e.g. the 2nd Amendment) are running amok because they lack the correlative sense of shared or common values that are needed for a free society to function. And on the other hand these very same personal liberties are now coming increasingly under the threat of a proto-fascist slide into corporate dictatorship. The solution to this schizoid insanity will come from the place we least expect - the protection of those inalienable individual rights that historically constituted the United States now requires the shared responsibility of a popular socialist revolution… We'll see you in communism or we'll see you in hell!"

I'd add that the neo-Commons is the new (and improved) communism.

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