Sunday, June 12, 2016

Taibbi on the establishment Dems

See his article here. Many in the establishment are thinking they don't need the Berners because they have all the other Dems sewn up. They think of the Berners as far outside the mainstream to affect much. Consequently, they can dispense with the Bern's agenda, it too being unsupported by the majority. This is in part due to the fact that they live in a bubble and hate their constituents, because the former are enlightened and know how the game is played and the latter are ignorant rubes to be manipulated instead of listened to.

Taibbi warns that they're missing the huge revolt against establishment politics, including their own Party. The reason it is gaining so much momentum is because Sanders not only listens to we the people but fights to enact legislation for our benefit. We not only feel but know he's on our side, as well as that the establishment Party votes to maintain their own power and that of the status quo oligarchy who supports their campaigns. So with Clinton as the nominee they think the revolution is over and things can return to normal.

They have no idea that the revolution has just begun and we're coming after their jobs. And we're also going to organize new Parties and/or join existing Parties where progressives have a genuine home. Much like the Republican Party collapsed this cycle, that same story is coming to the Democratic Party. And soon.

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