Sunday, September 25, 2016

Blog name change

This is the 4th name change for this blog since its inception. I keep changing it as my interests and focus evolve. Originally it was named Integral Postmetaphysical Nonduality, which was for a very narrow and esoteric audience. When I wanted to expand my focus and audience I changed it to Integral Postmetaphyical Enaction, which was broader than the topic of nonduality. When I got tired of the 'integral' focus typical of the movement by that name, and also my increasing interest in more political topics, I changed it once again to Progressive Participatory Enaction. Now I tire of using terms that are still too elitist and with which many folks may be unfamiliar and thereby not attracted. The current name gets the focus across in terms well understood by most in the hope of attracting a wider audience. I also like the alliteration, hence at least somewhat maintaining my snobby, elitist articulation.

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