Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The ever tightening Presidential race

According to 538 today Clinton's chances of winning are now down to 57%. In FL her chance is down to 45%, and FL is the most significant tipping point in the US. In the polling aggregate she is now leading by a mere 1.5% nationally. And this against a fucking fascist! That's how bad of a candidate Clinton is, to be virtually tied with this monster. Great job DNC and Democratic Party.

A large part of this is Clinton's abysmal approval among Millennials, the largest voting block. She is not addressing their issues like Sanders did and it could very well cost her the election. Instead of courting them Clinton denigrates them as callow, idealistic and naive when in fact they are mostly educated and more well-informed that Clinton's older constituency. They are well aware of Clinton's history and that is why they don't care for her.

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