Friday, September 23, 2016

Why Clinton is plummeting

Hartmann discusses why this is now a close race for the Presidency. First, corporate media is focusing on many of Clinton's faux scandals while ignoring Trump's real ones. They intentionally created a horse race because they get higher ratings and sell more ads. Money is their God and damn the consequences on America.

But Clinton's campaign is also to blame. It's ignoring its progressive base as if they're a given and going after Republicans disillusioned with Trump. In the process it is using some rather heinous neo-con spokespersons that progressives rightly disdain. Hence the loss of the millennial vote to 3rd party candidates, a voting block absolutely necessary to winning. It must return to promoting the issues in the Party Platform, which is what galvanized the millennials to support Sanders. In its ads they must focus on the reasons why we want to vote for Clinton instead of just against Trump.

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