Sunday, September 25, 2016


I saw Snowden yesterday. It presents a story contradictory to that of the official US propaganda laid out by the Obama administration and its lackeys, and likely far more accurate. Like recent posts, it took the will and courage of Snowden and the reporters involved to take on the most powerful deep state of OZ. Yes, the repercussions were horrific, Snowden being charged with espionage and banned to live out his remaining years in Russia. And yet mass surveillance has been curbed with the the USA Freedom Act, which likely would never have even been considered, let alone passed, were in not for the Snowden leaks. It takes brave people of strong conviction and character to fight back and make the lives of others better at their own personal expense. But it is still the case that whistle blowers, contrary to stated policy, are reviled, ostracized and denounced because they reveal the much more heinous crimes of the perpetrators who wish to remain in the shadows. There is still a lot of work to do to bring these filthy cockroaches into the light.

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