Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Debate fallout

Meyers takes a closer look at Trump's performance. Even before the debate the expectation for Trump so low all he had to do was  be an average WalMart greeter. He couldn't even meet that standard. Trump made up winning a post-debate CBS poll when CBS did not do one. He raved and rambled incoherently, obviously unprepared for substantive issues. He tried to rely on bluster and intimidation and it didn't work on Clinton, who remained composed and gave it right back to him in far better measure. Trump didn't even know when ISIS was created, claiming Clinton has been fighting it for 30 years.

Meyers correctly noted that Trump still hasn't reached adulthood, nor have his followers. He behaved like a child which is why all his childish followers like him. The Presidency is no place for children, and hence no place for Trump. And he and his followers need to grow up. Thing is, that is going to require a good education and good mental health programs, things the Republicans refuse to fund because children as so easily manipulated.

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