Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chelsea Clinton on conflicts of interest in the Clinton Foundation

As revealed by the hacked Podesta emails, this video discusses the story of Chelsea Clinton flagging serious concerns about conflicts of interest in the Clinton Foundation. One of those concerns was that Bill Clinton's closest aides were engaged in pay to play, meaning donations bought contributors government access. Chelsea enlisted a law firm to audit the Foundation for conflicts. When they conducted employee interviews many said they were not aware of the conflict policy. (It sounds like a typical Clinton defense, denying knowledge of basic, required policy.) Then a Foundation boss, instead of addressing the actual conflicts, tried to smear Chelsea as a naive, lost, petulant idealist (like Clinton and the DNC did with Sanders). Then a Clinton campaign spokesman, again not refuting the veracity of the story, trotted out the tired spin that it's a Russian plot to interfere in our election.

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