Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stein on reimagining education

Typically academics, imbued in that ivy tower process, tend not to give any consideration to those not in that insular milieu because they don't adhere to their own standards. Zak Stein wrote a recent blog post on how education, like the entire world-system from which it arises, must undergo a transition into the emerging world-system I call the collaborative commons. An excerpt:

"I argue that we should begin to design technologies and direct the resources of our communities toward a radically different set of educational futures, where the categories of schooling—such as GPA, class rank, standards and tests, aged-normed classes, subject majors, etc.—are the meaningless categories of a bygone bureaucracy. Our task as educators today is to evolve the very form of schooling itself, looking beyond the institutional vestiges of a prior era and toward the emergence of educational configurations of almost unimaginable abundance, freedom, and efficiency."

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