Monday, January 9, 2017

GOP plan guts social security

See this article for the details. Let's hold Twamp to his promise not to cut it, because his Republican colleagues are definitely going to. An excerpt:

"The bottom line is that Johnson’s plan is one of the most cynical and dishonest Social Security “fixes” to come down the Republican chute in years. It “fixes” Social Security in the same sense that one “fixes” a cat, and makes the program less relevant for millions of Americans facing retirement with ever shrinking resources.

"Is this a serious policy prescription? Social Security advocates are properly aghast. As Nancy Altman, co-founder of Social Security Works, put it Friday, in the last election 'no one voted for massive cuts to Social Security, nor to end the program as we know it.' Donald Trump even campaigned on a hands-off pledge. 'Trump needs to immediately reassure the American people that he will keep his campaign promise and veto this awful bill,' Altman said. 'He should tweet that immediately.'”

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