Monday, February 13, 2017

Functional and flawed democracies

Following on on this post, I posted that information in this FB discussion on Wilber's article on Trump. A side discussion ensued about developmental models like Spiral Dynamics (SD). See Jon Freeman's comment here (and the one following) defending SD. My response follows:

I'm with you on a new system. That is exactly what the P2P Foundation, and others like Rifkin, are documenting in the collaborative commons. However that sort of system also needs government participation via policy and investment, e.g. a move to a renewable energy policy with research and development investments. Which requires as a prerequisite a functioning democracy of the sort that countries already moving in that direction have.
So of course Sanders, Warren and their ilk are not a full-fledged advocates of the collaborative commons. But they do propose policies and values that create the life conditions necessary to move in that direction. Check out Maslouf's article on this. Also note the Democracy Index, showing that the US has regressed to a flawed democracy (no longer entering social democracy) before Trump. It will only degenerate further under Trump and the GOP.

Btw, my point about SD accepting Piaget's model for early development is that Piaget had certain premises about how levels are generated in the first place. My posts above are about those researchers that question some of those premises. That doesn't negate levels per se but recontextualizes them and challenges some of the conclusions of Piaget and the neo-Piagetians.

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