Tuesday, February 7, 2017

If we fail to learn the lessons of history

We are doomed to repeat them. Welcome to Amerika (if you're white and right). This article shows how 'ordinary' Americans carried out atrocious acts in US airports that would never occur to them in their usual lives. These were the airport workers who carried out Twampler's Muslim ban. One handcuffed and detained a 5 year-old child for hours. Another detained a woman and her two children without food for 20 hours. Another detained a 65 year-old woman for over 33 hours who was denied wheelchair access. All in the name of our feared leader who sells fear of Muslims to an ignorant and eager workforce.

The article makes clear that said 'ordinary' Americans must draw the line at their usual compassionate humanity and refuse to obey such orders. Yes, it might cost them their jobs but is that too high a price to pay for one's humanity? If so, remember the other times such things have happened throughout history and where it led. Have we really forgotten Nazi Germany already? No, it's not that bad yet, but it could get there if we do not refuse to participate in the incipient stages of exactly how things got so out of control in the past.

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