Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thomas Frank on Bannon

His article is here. Bannon used populist messaging to win. He criticized how none of the bank leaders were prosecuted during the financial crisis, a common concern of the populace. But it wasn't really their fault you see; it was those hippies. He combines the financial crisis with the culture wars against those damned liberal values. It was those hippie values of free love that led the financial bigwigs to behave irresponsibly toward others while indulging themselves.

Of course this narrative ignores the facts in the case that distinctly separate these two factions with far different motivations and behavioral patterns. But narrative over facts has always been Bannon's modus operandi. And all of course to obfuscate the real cause of the crash: unregulated capitalism. Which of course is now going ape shit on steroids with Bannon and Bully Boy.

Which is what Frank said Bannon did get right: The establishment Dems were indeed part of that sell off to Wall Street. And that message did hit home. Meanwhile Bannon and his puppet hide the fact that they are also part of that plot through misdirection to those damned hippies.

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