Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Senator Warren on the state of the Dem Party

She's asked if the Party should go back to progressive values or remain 'more moderate,' meaning enchained to Wall Street donors. Warren said that is ineffective framing, instead talking about the issues most Americans want enacted. But of course she admittedly describes progressive values in doing so. So tries to avert blatantly blaming corporate Dems, but those issues she names do exactly that. She's then challenged by how then, if the American people are behind progressive issues, have Democrats lost so many races in the past 6 years? She responds that Dems have to fight hard and loud for working families every day, to live progressive values. But again, she refuses to present why they lost so much: the Dem Party gave up on working families and instead sucked the rich's nether parts while we the people took the ejaculations in our face. Again she avoids the very real divide in the Party and it has to be faced and combated. 

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