Thursday, May 4, 2017


I was referred to this book on the topic. I'm enamored of the term syntegral as an alternative to integral. So I was looking over the referenced text and found this from chapter 14, which I like:

"[T]he French-Jewish philosopher Jacques Derrida is an atheist syntheist. [...]
There are quite simply no objectively valid hierarchies between people. [...] Hierarchies blossom in the worlds of transcendental metaphysicists. It is only through breaking with transcendentalisation and introducing an immanent metaphysics that we can achieve a genuinely egalitarian society. Syntheism is radical egalitarianism par excellence."

And this from the glossary:

"Radical atheism the idea that classical atheism taken to its ultimate conclusion dialectically transforms into syntheism. The idea is investigated by philosophers such as Jacques Derrida, Simon Critchley and Martin Hägglund, before Bard & Söderqvist delve even deeper into it."

Btw, we had an in-depth discussion with Gregory Desilet at Ning IPS on this very topic. He calls his own version synergist spirituality.  Also referenced in that thread is Desilet's Integral World article "Radical atheism and new spirituality."

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