Thursday, July 6, 2017

19 States Attorneys General sue Betsy DeVos

Secretary of Education DeVos decided to freeze an Obama regulation that protected student borrowers when the for-profit school they were attending closed for fraud. In that case students would be forgiven their loans. So 19 States Attorneys General have filed suit over this. This is typical of the Tromp Swamp; protect the fraud of private business but not the defrauded students who are victims.

Here's what Senator Warren had to say: "Betsy DeVos is bending over backwards to make it easier for fly-by-night schools to cheat students and bury them in mountains of debt – but she’s never met Maura Healey. Today, the Massachusetts Attorney General is leading eighteen states and DC in a lawsuit challenging DeVos’s illegal efforts to block the Department of Education from canceling the loans of students who’ve been cheated. Secretary DeVos might not like it, but her job is to serve students – and we will make sure she does."

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