Saturday, July 1, 2017

2 questions about Tromp and Repugnantans that stump Dimocrats

Lakoff explains why some progressives are still stumped by these 2 questions:

1) Why don’t Trump supporters turn against Trump even though he is doing things that hurt them? (like taking away their healthcare)

2) Why do Republicans hate the Affordable Care Act, and why are they so transparently acting to give wealthy people a tax break by making healthcare unaffordable?

It's amazing that some progressives still don't understand what Lakoff is trying to teach them. I'm starting to think it's not so much progressives that don't get it but the dumb establishment Dems, or as I now call them, Dumbocrats or Dimocrats. See his article for the same analysis he's been giving for years, because the Dims are still too damned dim to get it.

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