Monday, July 3, 2017

Consciousness and the post-capitalist commons

Continuing this post, Gregory Wilper's contribution to the new issue of Spanda Journal is called "Consciousness and the post-capitalist commons" (123). He sees this a developmental progression in organization, i.e. "post-capitalist commons are based on networking and peer-to-peer principles that do not need hierarchical forms of organization in order to function efficiently" (124). It is a shift to a systemic form of cognition with empathy for social diversity and an emphasis on fairness, justice and freedom (126). A key ingredient in enacting this shift is "democratization and diversification of the media" (128) via a commons social sharing paradigm. Also poverty needs to be addressed via a basic income, as but one example, to allow for consciousness to develop.

It's encouraging to see a 'developmentalist' getting on board with this agenda instead of the typical conscious capitalistic maintenance of the status quo. And with none of that woo woo business regarding enlightenment or consciousness that seems to go along with that maintenance.

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