Monday, July 3, 2017

How poverty changes the brain

They can't pick themselves up by their bootstraps you Repugnantan idiot! See this article based on science. Obviously this info is not for said Repugnantans, who will dismiss it out of hand. But the rest of you might find it informative.

"When a person lives in poverty, a growing body of research suggests the limbic system is constantly sending fear and stress messages to the prefrontal cortex, which overloads its ability to solve problems, set goals, and complete tasks in the most efficient ways. [...] And the science is clear—when brain capacity is used up on these worries and fears, there simply isn’t as much bandwidth for other things."

However there are those that help people in poverty by teaching them self-management techniques to develop prefrontal cortex abilities.  And indeed it has had positive results and shows that the poor are willing to work on changing their situation. Another tool though not mentioned in the article is to provide some government financial assistance to reduce the stress load in this transition out of poverty. These people want to get out of poverty but they just need a helping hand. Some are willing to provide one while others are not.

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