Saturday, July 15, 2017

Infinite economic growth is a cancer

I'm sharing Thomas Bonde's  FB post, an urgent and necessary message we all need to hear and share:

"If you still believe in the possibility of infinite economic growth on a finite planet with finite resources you are either incredibly stupid or mentally poisoned by ideological wishful thinking. The path of Western civilisation, which unfortunately is now planetary in scope, leads straight into the bottomless pit of mass extinction. This is already happening to a very disturbing number of species and humanity is next. I am sure the next generation is going to love us for our mindless consumption of petty shit from Chinese sweatshops, so please keep filling that existential vacuum with the temporary opiates of shiny objects. Who cares if future humans will have to breathe in toxic fumes and drink from poisoned wells? Not us, apparently, which makes me glad I didn't get around to putting more people into this sick and dying world."

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