Friday, July 7, 2017

Understanding Repugnantan cruelty

Paul Krugman wrote a piece about this here. It focuses on their wealthcare bill, taking away coverage to millions in order to give their rich donors more money. But why? One reason is that they are dead set on repealing Obamacare despite its proven effectiveness. Perhaps they just can't stomach that a progressive program works so well? But the reason underlying that is that they truly think "social safety net programs just reward lazy people who don’t want to work. And we all know which people in particular were supposed to be on the take."

Fake Christians is what they are. Actually fake human beings is more like it. And no, I don't want to harm them despite their lack of humanity. Progressives want to see all people prosper even if they hate us for it. That's what true Christianity is about. And I'm not even Christian, just a decent human being.

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