Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What is postmetaphysical thinking?

From this wiki:

These post-metaphysical philosophical movements have, among other things:

1. called into question the substantive conceptions of rationality (e.g. "a rational person thinks this") and put forward procedural or formal conceptions instead (e.g. "a rational person thinks like this");

2. replaced foundationalism with fallibilism with regard to valid knowledge and how it may be achieved;

3. cast doubt on the idea that reason should be conceived abstractly beyond history and the complexities of social life, and have contextualized or situated reason in actual historical practices;

4. replaced a focus on individual structures of consciousness with a concern for pragmatic structures of language and action as part of the contextualization of reason; and

5. given up philosophy's traditional fixation on theoretical truth and the representational functions of language, to the extent that they also recognize the moral and expressive functions of language as part of the contextualization of reason.

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