Tuesday, January 23, 2018

5 ways Dump betrayed us

See the clip below. While Dump ran as a populist for the people the reality is anything but. The highlights are: 1. He packed his Administration with corporate insiders and made the swamp even worse; 2. He failed to divest his business and instead is profiting off of his office, violating the Constitution; 3.  He's ignoring the real dangers of climate change and instead reducing or eliminating environmental protections while giving even more subsidies to oil companies; 4. He's hurt American workers by removing overtime pay and allows restaurant owners keep worker tips; 5. His tax plan gives even more money to corporations and the rich at the expense of the average worker, while Dump himself profits mightily.

For 101 ways Dump has betrayed us, visit corporatepresidency.org. He lied to all of us and betrayed our trust. And the Repugnantans know well this is true and are complicit with him for their own and their paymasters' benefit. Don't make the same mistake again by voting for these liars and cheaters that have shown repeatedly they could care less if we live and would prefer that we would die, and quickly.

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