Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Democracy Index 2017

The US stays in 21st place and remains a flawed democracy. Dump is contributing to increasing polarization and hence the US score declining in social cohesion. The US scored lower in functioning government due in part to partisan gerrymandering. Progressives and regressives are polarized on several issues: Dems favor immigration, Repugs not so much; Pros favor environmental protection, Repugs not at all (20).

US income inequality is worsening, and worse than any other rich country. And it will only get worse given the 2017 tax scam, given most of the benefits to corporations and the rich. This is heightened by the repeal of the mandate provision of Obamacare, leaving 13 million more people uninsured (21).

However the word 'polarized' is not aptly descriptive, for it suggests the fault is equally on both sides. Per above, one side is clearly right and the other wrong. Diverse immigration is what has made America great, so a Repug hatred of immigrants is on the wrong side of history. Same with environmental protection. It's a testament to the ideals of democracy, and returning the US to a full democracy, that progressives must indeed fight like hell against the oligarchs that have taken over our country. That is not polarization; that is democracy.

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