Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fact checking the State of the Union lies

For those who think facts are fake news, read no further. For the rest of us with a functioning brain, see the fact check. For example:

The recent tax cut is not the biggest in history: It is the 4th largest since 1940, and 7th largest in percentage of GDP. Wages did not go up: Whatever gains were made in the first few quarters were wiped out in the last quarter so they remained stagnant. The tax cuts do not provide 'tremendous' relief for the middle class and small business: The majority of the cuts go to big corporations and the wealthy, and what cuts the middle class did get will go away when the cuts expire. And the immigrant Visa lottery does not just hand them out with no requirements; they must meet education and work requirements, and must be vetted before coming here. See the link for more.

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