Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sanders responds to Dump's racist murder ad

In this clip they show the ad first and Sanders responds. The ad is in direct response to the Dems holding out for a deal for the Dreamers in the spending bill. The ad explicitly suggests that the Dreamers, brought here as children from Mexico, are murderers and by supporting DACA it means that the Dreamers are going to murder people. The facts are that  "Dreamers commit crimes and are incarcerated at a staggeringly lower rate than native born Americans. In one survey, 90% of Dreamers reported that they held steady jobs. In the same survey, 72% were pursuing higher education. And most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, support a clean DACA bill that would allow the Dreamers to stay in the country." Dump is clearly a despicable racist doing the worst kind racist baiting.

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