Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Maddow on Dump's Russian collusion and obstruction of justice

And how Repugnantans are colluding with it through the latest Nunes memo. Very detailed, accurate, factual analysis of what's really going on. The Nunes memo criticizes the Justice Dept. for only using the Steele (pee pee) memo in obtaining a FISA warrant for surveillance of Carter Page, claiming the Steele memo has been debunked. But as Maddow lays out in detail, the Justice Dept. used a lot of other evidence in petitioning for the FISA warrant, something not revealed in the Nunes memo. It's all a ploy to fire Rosenstein who is in charge of the Russia investigation in order to install a Dump lackey in that position and stop that investigation, yet another in the many layers of obstruction of justice.

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