Friday, January 26, 2018

Nunes' latest ploy to undermine the FBI

This story is on Nunes claiming to have, and will release, a secret memo that will supposedly demolish the Russia collusion story. Never mind that neither he nor the Congressional conspiracy nuts have read any of the background intelligence on what's claimed in the memo, except for Gowdy, paranoid wacko extraordinaire. Instead they voted to prevent anyone from reading that material.

A senior Justice Dept. official called this political grandstanding to protect Dump and jeopardize national security in that pursuit. The FBI wants to see it to validate its veracity and take action is necessary but they can't look at it either. A number of Republicans with some semblance of reality and patriotism before Party politics are also speaking out against this blatant and desperate attempt to undermine FBI credibility and defend treason. Repugnantans have gone completely beyond the pale and seriously need professional help.

Shep Smith, one of the very few reasonable, credible reporters at Fox News,  repeatedly calls it a "weapon of partisan mass distraction."

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