Friday, April 27, 2018

Democracy Now interviews progressive the corporate Dims shun

Continuing this post, Democracy Now interviews Levi Tillemann, the progressive Dem who was pressured to not challenge the Corporate Dim in a Colorado race. The corporate Dims will never learn so repeal and replace them with progressives. And hopefully this expose will aid in that cause.  The blurb:

"A new exposé by The Intercept confirms how powerful Democratic officials have worked to crush competitive progressive candidates in primaries around the country, choosing instead to back moderate, business-friendly candidates. This comes after President Obama used his farewell address to encourage Americans upset about the outcome of the 2016 election to take action by running for office themselves. We speak with Levi Tillemann, a Colorado man who heeded Obama’s call and found himself disappointed by the process, after he was repeatedly pressured by powerful Democrats not to run. In fact, he recorded a conversation in which he was directly told to drop out of the Democratic primary for Colorado’s sixth Congressional district by none other than the second-ranking House Democrat, Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland. We go to Denver to speak with Levi Tillemann, a candidate in Colorado’s Democratic primary for the 6th Congressional District, which includes Denver. He is featured in the new exposé by Lee Fang, investigative journalist at The Intercept, 'Secretly Taped Audio Reveals Democratic Official Pressuring Progressive to Bow Out of Election.'"

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