Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Our scientific (and human) limitations

Continuing this post, someone at FB commented that QM applies only to the very small or large, where current science is still accurate for the in between.

That we humans are limited to what we can perceive and think by our biological brain is verified by current cognitive science. Dennett even confirms this in his notion of how our interactive affordances with the environment limit our ontology to what is useful to us, while we do not register the rest. So in that sense we do not register reality in toto, and that includes our scientific instruments (which includes math), specifically designed by us to notice and measure those affordances useful to us.

Yes, the rest of reality is out there, but it's hubris to think we can objectively know or measure it with our self-created science. Which, by the way, truly is incredibly accurate and useful to our particular ontology but limited by our human biology and epistemology.

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