Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Progressives are changing the Dimocrapic Party

This article explores the topic. E.g., Nixon's progressive candidacy for NY Governor is forcing Cuomo to tack to the left. He's changed his tune on felons voting, destroyed a Dim caucus that gave power to the Repugs, and is selling himself as in line with Sanders. (A rep for Sanders said the latter is pure bullshit.) We're seeing unabashed progressives across the country challenging the moderate to conservative Dims and they are making headway, and in some cases winning those challenges. They are running on an agenda that polls show the majority of Americans want, like single-payer healthcare, abolishing immigration enforcement, marijuana legalization, tight financial regulation, $15 federal minimum wage, a federal job guarantee program, stronger collective bargaining rights and so on.

See the link for some specific candidates and the progress being made. Hell, if this keeps up I might have the change the name back to the Democratic Party.

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