Monday, June 25, 2018

A synthesis of peer to peer theory

By Michel Bauwens here. Some excerpts:

"Historically, we can already discern: a shift from nomadic pooling (Communal Shareholding) societies to tribal, sedentary reciprocity-based gift economy societies; a shift of tribal societies to Empires, i.e. state-based class societies; and a shift of the latter to capitalist societies.Today, we see the emergence of the network form (N+), and in our hypothesis a new phase shift towards a system of world-networks, which will reconfigure the other modalities that always also exist, but in a new configuration."

"The key network institution is the Commons, i.e. shared resources, their productive communities of contributors, and their shared norms and regulations. The key social form is the networked productive community practising Communal Shareholding, through which all citizens can produce shared value, through open contributory system, that create shared commons, and using ‘mutual coordination’ (stigmergy) as their main modality of cooperation and coordination."

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