Sunday, June 24, 2018

Some facts about immigration

In Reich's FB post he corrects Dump's lies. Rest assured these facts will never penetrate a Dumpster. They're just for those of us that have at least a smidgen of knowledge about facts and science. He said:

1. A record high of 75 percent of Americans now say immigration is a "good thing" for the country (see graph, below).

2. America needs more immigrants, not fewer, because our population is rapidly aging.

3. Historically, new immigrants have contributed more to society in taxes than they have taken from society in terms of public assistance.

4. Most immigrants don't take jobs away from native-born Americans. To the contrary, their spending creates more jobs.

5. Trump’s claim that undocumented immigrants generate more crime is dead wrong. Immigrants, both legal and undocumented, are significantly less likely to commit crimes than the native-born.

6. Violent crime in America is actually at historical lows, with the homicide rate back to where it was in the early 1960s.

7. Illegal border crossings have been declining since 2014 – long before Trump’s “crackdown.”

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