Saturday, June 30, 2018

EPA approves nerve gas pesticide

This short video explains. A toxic drug, chlorpyrifos, is adapted from the nerve gas the Nazis used is now being sprayed on our food. Academic researches found this toxin in California babies. Scientists have proven that it "increases the risk of learning disabilities, reduces IQ, and links to autism and ADHD."

In 2000 the Environmental Protection Agency banned the toxin from  personal use but still allowed agricultural use. Last year the EPA decided to ban that too but did not. Why? Dow Chemical is the main producer and it is used on a massive scale agriculturally. They donated $1 million to Dump's inauguration fund. Then Dow's CEO got the top spot on Dump's American Business Council. Then Pruitt, head of the EPA, ignored his own agency's science and announced it would not be banned.

Easy to follow. The Swamp is more fetid than ever and literally poisoning us and our children for profit. We're only a few steps away from gas chambers. How great is that America?

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