Saturday, June 30, 2018

Nora Bateson - In the blind spot

Nice blog post, copied below, that sums up where change comes from. I still get academic intellectuals, my former profession, asking why I have degraded to the gutter of the emotional rhetoric of the regular folk. Cuz that's where the pain is, and where change happens, not in ivory towers.

"The revolution, the evolution is not going to be found in conference centers or seminars in 5 star hotels. It won’t be definable in righteousness or sanctimony.

The resonances will be and are where the pain has been–where there was no choice but to become unbreakable.

Where the scars are generations deep and sculpt into raw, sassy, funny, sexy, harsh, confusing.

Laser sharp intelligent literacy of metaphors; the messages wont be sterilized in direct instructional language. The (r)evolution is not a Lego set to assemble, it is alive.

The alchemy of change changes as it changes.

The logic of the current systems is not so useful for the task. It leads back to the academy, city hall and the bank. Those are not the places were unbreakable is made.

Look elsewhere."

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