Thursday, June 28, 2018

ACLU exposes child concentration camps

The ACLU got 30,000 pages of documents from a Freedom of Information Act request specific to these child detention centers. What they found:

"The documents show numerous cases involving federal officials’ verbal, physical and sexual abuse of migrant children; the denial of clean drinking water and adequate food; failure to provide necessary medical care; detention in freezing, unsanitary facilities; and other violations of federal law and policy and international law. The documents provide evidence that U.S. officials were aware of these abuses as they occurred, but failed to properly investigate, much less to remedy, these abuses."

See the linked report for specific examples of this treatment. And this recent story shows that immigrant children are continuing to be put in camps with abusive treatment. The only way to accurately frame these facilities is that they are concentration camps. Dump is Making America Hate Again.

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