Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dim Party is still dimwitted

They're still at the same losing game. The hope that the Party can be reformed grows more unrealistic by the day.

"This sort of clumsy tone-deafness has been the defining characteristic of the Democratic Party's midterm efforts thus far. The Democratic leadership appears determined to alienate, as often and thoroughly as possible, the very people who could lift it to victory in 2018 and beyond: not just black women (who famously put Senator Doug Jones over the top in Alabama last December), but pretty much everybody to the left of Chuck Schumer."

"Let's be clear: There is no shortage of squalling babies on either side of the divide that's killing the party's ability to be an effective vehicle for the Resistance. The fightin' Sandernistas can be every bit as petty and short-sighted as the clingin' Clintonites. But it's the latter group that still holds the power in the national party to veto reforms the progressives want, to funnel resources into centrist House campaigns (and away from more progressive candidates), or to slap down Sanders and his supporters for no discernible reason but settling imaginary scores from 2016."

"No matter what new daily atrocities belch up from the White House, the party's chances grow more remote all the time – since almost every day also seems to bring a fresh new insult to grassroots Democrats and left-leaning independents. [...] The party is sending a clear message, all right: We haven't changed a bit.  [...] It's all in the name of winning, of course! The kind of winning the Democrats have been doing, presumably, over the last four election cycles – when the party and its strategic wizards presided over a massive loss of power at local, state, and federal levels. Nevertheless, the strategy used over that catastrophic stretch is by and large the same one the party is following this year by, among other things, meddling in local elections."

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