Thursday, July 19, 2018

Democrats: Secure America From Russian Interference Act

See the press release here and the Bill here. Also see a short 2-page overview here. Although in keeping with my previous framing,  'interference' should be replaced with 'war' because that's what this is. I'm guessing the Repugnantans will either block this or vote it down, being the traitors they are too. Rep. Castro:

“From the full-fledged cyber operation to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, to the invasion of Crimea and government-sanctioned attack on British soil, the government of Russia has conducted aggressive actions for which they must be held accountable. I’m pleased to join this legislative effort with my colleagues in the House that seeks to secure our election systems ahead of midterms, holds Putin accountable for their malign activities that run counter to international norms, supports U.S. alliances, especially with our NATO partners, and seeks productive dialogue with the Russian people. Putin has consistently worked against the interests of the United States, and Congress must send a clear signal that we will not tolerate such behavior.”

Contained within the broad Act are several pieces, one of which is HR 5011, which will "require the designation of election infrastructure as critical infrastructure." Recall Lakoff noting that an attack on critical infrastructure is WAR.

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